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Garden Grade 6 Area and Perimeter

This Garden Grade 6 Area and Perimeter lesson plan also includes:

Engage young mathematicians in applying their knowledge of area and perimeter with a fun geometry lesson plan. Through a series of problem solving exercises, children use their math knowledge to design different-sized garden plots that meet given sets of parameters and fit in the spaces provided.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Implement this lesson following an introduction to area and perimeter in the upper-elementary grades
  • Laminate the "Interactive Resource" pages, allowing children to use dry erase markers as they try to position the plots they create in their gardens
  • Includes all worksheets, assessments, answer keys, and other printable materials needed for the lesson
  • Activity sheets provide grids to support children with learning to calculate area and perimeter
  • Offers suggestions for differentiating the lesson to meet the needs of all learners
  • On one of the worksheets, the box provided for student work covers part of the question, but with a little effort the words can still be discerned 
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