The Civil War is undoubtedly a part of America's history, but could it be part of your pupils' history as well? Middle schoolers conduct research to discover a connection between their ancestors and the American Civil War. Whether they were soldiers, nurses, drummer boys, or war-weary citizens, their places in history forges a strong bond between social studies and learners themselves.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have your class complete a family tree before the research project to gather as much information as possible
  • Use the closure activity as a narrative writing prompt, encouraging your class to think about a report their descendants might write about them one day
Classroom Considerations

  • The project might be more fruitful in states that fought in the Civil War; if your class is struggling to find historical connections, have them report on what their ancestors were doing in the 1860's in different parts of the country, or even in different countries
  • You'll need to provide your own rubric for assessment

  • Offers modification ideas, including group research projects and alternatives to finding relatives
  • Provides a reference sheet and activity worksheet

  • None