Genetic Variation and Mutations

This Genetic Variation and Mutations lesson plan also includes:

Young scientists demonstrate their creativity while completing several activities, to assess genetic variations and mutations. Instructors provide a list of options and scientists choose to write a comic strip, create a book, construct a brochure, or role play as a doctor to demonstrate they understand the effects of hereditary changes caused by alterations of the human genetic code.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Explain why scientists seek grant funding and have the class write a grant for a topic of their choosing
  • Have groups create models depicting similarities and differences between specific genetic variations from a predetermined list
Classroom Considerations

  • ELL/ESL learners need assistance to complete the activities
  • Prior knowledge of DNA, chromosomes, and genetic mutations is required as the activity is meant to serve as a post-learning lesson

  • Multiple activities demonstrate how well learners understand genetic concepts
  • Allows creativity and independence while completing the assigned items

  • Although several activities are included as options, there is no rubric provided as a general guideline for assessment