Get Out the Vote!

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What better way to have a class learn about get out the vote campaigns than by having them create one themselves? After introducing get out the vote efforts and why they exist through videos, articles, and discussion questions, the lesson culminates by having the class design their own GOTV campaign.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Coordinate the lesson with school elections so that the GOTV campaign is tied to an actual election
  • Expand by comparing United States voter turnout to turnout in other modern democracies and exploring why they're different
Classroom Considerations
  • Since the GOTV campaigns will be displayed around the school, make sure all of the messaging is school-appropriate
  • Although some focus is on North Carolina, it can be quickly adapted to any state by swapping out the voter turnout statistics
  • Having young citizens develop their own campaigns is a great way for them to think creatively, and to see how fun and challenging it can be to get out the vote
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