Getting Started with Interactive Math Notebooks

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This Getting Started with Interactive Math Notebooks handout also includes:

Set young mathematicians up for success with this interactive math notebook. Including a list of rules and expectations for using the notebooks, as well as templates for a creating a cover page and table of contents, this resource provides everything you need to help learners record and organize their math work throughout the year.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create the interactive notebooks during the very first days of school, familiarizing students with their use early on
  • Encourage learners to use their notebooks as a reference during in-class and homework assignments
  • Perform periodic notebook checks to monitor notetaking skills as well as understanding of the content
Classroom Considerations
  • If spiral or composition notebooks are unavailable at your school, use loose leaf lined paper to create notebooks from scratch
  • Clear step-by-step instructions are provided for preparing the interactive math notebooks
  • Offers tips and hints for using the interactive notebooks
  • A rubric is provided for assessing the notebooks
  • Includes writing prompts that help children reflect on their learning
  • None