Gingerbread Friends Lesson Plan Guide

This Gingerbread Friends Lesson Plan Guide lesson plan also includes:

Full of activities for Jan Brett's story "Gingerbread Friends," this resource will get your kids in the mood for some snacks, fortify their need for vocabulary, and fill their minds with story elements.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • You may wish to create additional materials to support learners as they complete the additional activities
  • It is a bit unclear what you are meant to do with the vocabulary cards; you may wish to put them up on a bulletin board for student reference

  • Comes with vocabulary word and definition cards, a foldable for practicing with story elements, and a activity choice handout
  • Requires pupils to predict, comprehend, retell, and extend the story 

  • The definition of delicious reads something that taste very good, rather than tastes; you'll need to write in an s on the vocabulary card