Global Sea Surface Currents and Temperature

This Global Sea Surface Currents and Temperature video also includes:

Get lost at sea amid colorful ocean currents! Learners discover the patterns of movement and temperature in the North Atlantic's currents through a simulation, part of PBS's Weather and Climate series. The resource contains background reading, discussion questions, and great ideas for implementation.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Expand the lesson by including a short video showing more of the ECCO2 computational model at work 
  • Ask pupils to relate the color/temperature of the current to its location versus the equator
Classroom Considerations

  • Before starting the animation, point out that cooler currents are blue and warmer currents are red
  • Depending upon the class's level of ability, consider viewing the resource as a whole class, then discuss

  • The animation is full of beautiful, subtly moving patterns that relate ocean temperature to currents
  • Support materials are easy to locate and add value to the lesson

  • None