Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night

A slow jam and hand-drawn animation introduces the different times of day—morning, afternoon, evening, and night—as well as how we wish someone a good day. Additionally, the video discusses the meals we eat. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Play a music video to hook learners at the start of your lesson
  • Display the 24 hour clock and the 12 hour clock, then discuss when morning, afternoon, evening, and night fall 
  • Invite families to sing the song before bed to wish their child goodnight to reinforce the concept
Classroom Considerations

  • The timetable shown uses a 24 hour clock system 

  • Lyrics are provided so enthusiastic singers can sing along 
  • Pictures showcase how the the world generally looks at different times of day 

  • The song runs through its lyrics only once before having to replay it
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