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Beginning Boyles and curious Curies can safely experiment with the virtual mixing of elements using this entertaining application. 

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App Overview

Drag elements from the periodic table into a reaction area to find out what happens. A photo and caption about the element appears when you tap on its symbol. A photo of the product appears when you successfully combine elements. 

Tap buttons to view the period table in four formats:

  • Standard: Chemical symbol and number
  • Atomic: Atomic mass included
  • Ionic: Displays electronic charges
  • Lewis Dot: Configuration for groups one through seven, plus the noble gases

Open a slider menu to try Featured Reactions:

  • It's Personal: The materials in personal care products
  • Around the House: Everyday household items
  • Vroom!: Reactions related to automobiles
  • Mother Nature: Natural compounds that protect us
  • Get Technical: Materials that support electronic devices
  • Isn't that Attractive?: Examples of ionic bonds
  • Connect the Dots: Examples of covalent bonds
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Instructional Ideas

When working on ionic and covalent bonding in your chemistry class, let learners try their hand at combining elements to make compounds according to charge or the sharing of electrons. This kind of practice will familiarize them with common compounds and give them practice combining materials correctly.

In addition to using goREACT for practicing chemical reactions, it can also serve as a simple periodic table of elements for referencing atomic numbers, atomic mass, and ionic charges.

Classroom Considerations

Chemists will need to frequently clear the reaction area as it quickly becomes cluttered, making it difficult to see what new elements you have dragged over for a new reaction.

  • No cost
  • Engaging and informative
  • Colorful graphics
  • Photos in the element information pop-ups are tiny