Grade 10 ELA Module 1: Unit 1, Lesson 2

If you only read a poem once, you'll miss many levels of analysis and comprehension. High schoolers finish reading "The Passionate Shepard to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe, and discuss the ways that the poem's organization contributes to its message and tone. For homework, they read the poem once again to find examples and effects of repetition.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Project the poem onto a whiteboard or SMART Board for learners to note as a class
Classroom Considerations

  • Several of the links are not functional, but they are supplemental materials and not necessary for instruction
  • The second of seven lessons in the literary analysis unit

  • Encourages close reading skills
  • Comes with multiple file versions of each poem and worksheet for printing and editing purposes

  • None