Grade 2 Comprehensive Growth Assessment

This Grade 2 Comprehensive Growth Assessment assessment also includes:

Need to know if your students comprehend all the Common Core standards covered in second grade? This growth assessment will let you know.  Find out if your second graders can add/subtract, tell the time, read a bar graph, know their shapes, place value, and count money with eighteen pages of forty-two questions.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use at the beginning of third grade as a review to find out where your students are and what should be retaught before moving along with third grade standards
  • Break assessment apart and use as daily assignments for the first couple of days of third grade
  • Use children's scores to set up intervention strategies 
Classroom Considerations
  • Eighteen pages of comprehensive assessment can be copied back-to-back to save paper
  • Students need two different sizes of string to answer questions 17 & 18 on the assessment
  • Great tool to review students' math knowledge for first week of school in third grade
  • Assessment with answer key covering all second grade Common Core standards for teacher use
  • Covers a multitude of concepts
  • None