Grade 2 Supplement Set D5 - Measurement: Telling Time

Have your class play concentration memory games using analog and digital clocks. Second graders become little experts with time telling to the minute, quarter, half, and hour. Use as a fun Friday treat as well as other hands-on-activities to reinforce their time telling measurement skills.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Give each child an opportunity to practice the analog clocks on their own or with a partner, before going over them as a whole class
  • Sit your class in a large circle and each child will have to listen and participate when it is their turn as they count by fives in a round robin method until they reach 55. Then demonstrate on an analog clock that each number starting at one represents five-minute increments just like they were counting by fives
  • Use all activities as math work station centers so that the kids get to rotate to each one
Classroom Considerations

  • Many copies will need to be made, try using card stock paper for the concentration cards
  • Make sure your classroom is rich with books about time telling
  • Digital clock black line will need copy machine adjustments for the dark colors used

  • Black line master copies of digital and analog clocks can be used in any language
  • Hands-on-activities and games to tell time are educating and entertaining
  • Worksheets can also be used as assessments

  • None