Graphing with Slope-Intercept Form

This Graphing with Slope-Intercept Form handout & reference also includes:

Work on graphing linear equations using the provided materials. The print and video lesson thoroughly review the concepts related to graphing linear equations in slope-intercept and standard form. The materials prepare learners for the next lesson in a seven-part series on solving systems of equations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Allow individuals to complete the lesson independently by watching the video or reading the print
  • Use the practice problems as board work to check for understanding and fix misconceptions
Classroom Considerations

  • Reviews graphing linear equations to prepare for solving systems by graphing; spend time with the concept as needed based on the level of your class

  • Provides a set of practice problems and an answer key
  • Video explanations are clear and emphasize vocabulary

  • Does not include problem solving
Common Core