Great Discoveries

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Compare and contrast two paragraphs describing Alexander Fleming's scientific discovery of penicillin using this compare-and-contrast reading worksheet where scholars explain what happens through writing, decide whether the excerpts are from an article or story, and if feelings are expressed. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Provide background knowledge of Alexander Fleming by searching interesting videos or articles about his life and discovery of penicillin 
  • Assign partners to write paragraphs on the same topic. When complete, have them compare and contrast how each one is written
  • Extend learning through a more in-depth research project about Alexander Fleming and his scientific discovery
Classroom Considerations

  • Scholars should be familiar with the differences between an article and story, and how feelings are expressed in writing 

  • This worksheet provides an interesting topic to read about, and lends itself to extended learning opportunities 

  • Question one necessitates a short answer; however, there is limited space to write, making the task challenging for writers with large print 
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