Great Minds: Alan Turing

Alan Turing helped defeat the Nazis and conceptualized the first computers, yet he was arrested for gross indecency because he was homosexual. The video explains the math genius and how his many talents were used to help society. It also describes the tragic end to his life due to societal judgments. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Research the other people who helped break the Enigma code
  • Watch The Imitation Game during class if time allows
Classroom Considerations
  • Openly discusses Turing's homosexuality
  • As of the writing of this review, YouTube comments are positive; however, they are open to the public and should be previewed before displaying in class
  • Video is the 19th in a 25-part series
  • Provides closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • Presents facts honestly, with the perspective of a changing society
  • Offers many cross-curricular connections including history, science, math, engineering, law, psychology, and sociology
  • None