Habitat for Endangered Wildlife and You

Compare and contrast your habitat with that of endangered plants and animals! Learners discuss what a habitat is actually comprised of, describing what theirs looks like. They fill out a graphic organizer explaining what they eat, how they get water, what their shelter is made of, and the space they need to survive. Then, they choose (or are assigned) a plant or animal from this packet to research, completing the same information. There are brief fact cards with photographs provided that you can print and hand out. 


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Instructional Ideas
  • Before learners research their endangered plant or animal, have them make some guesses as to where that organism lives, what it eats, etc.
  • Everything you need is here! Choose to do this in class or partially as homework, as it's a very versatile and self-explanatory
  • Consider randomly assigning organism cards for students to research, as some are definitely more appealing than others