Happy 14th B’ak’tun, the start of the next Great Mayan cycle

This Happy 14th B’ak’tun, the start of the next Great Mayan cycle worksheet also includes:

The ancient Mayans had a complex calendar and number system with a rich history. In fact, the date 12/21/2012 was the center of much controversy as to whether or not it was the end of time. It wasn't the end of time, but it was the end of a Mayan calendar cycle as well as the inspiration for this activity. The opening information and sequential questioning attempt to lead learners through understanding ancient calendars. These calendars can be overwhelming at first glance because they used a base-20 number system. The activity breaks this down with graphic organizers while also reviewing and comparing it to our base-10 number system. While many Common Core standards are listed as identifiers, it is may be a stretch for fifth graders. Learners need a firm grounding and experience with larger numbers and place value to truly grasp this activity. 

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