Lesson Plan

Hatchet: Multicultural Strategy

Sometimes it's easier to read one part of a novel when focusing on discussion points. Partners work together to read a few paragraphs of Chapter 5 from Gary Paulsen's Hatchet and discuss the plot and theme of the book.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use strategy with any novel, or any other passage from Hatchet
  • See if kids can come up with their own questions after reading the passage
  • Divide the passage by sentences to assist kids in reading intervention programs
  • Model reflective and analytic reading with one passage at a time
Classroom Considerations
  • Instructions are not very well written, but the reading strategy is worth trying
  • You will need to provide discussion questions if you choose to cover another passage
  • It's unclear how the lesson provides a multicultural perspective on the novel
  • Partner Assisted Learning Strategy (PALS) is an effective way to have kids read in partner groups and discuss important parts of the passage
  • None
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