Hazards: Third Grade Lesson Plans and Activities

This Hazards: Third Grade Lesson Plans and Activities unit also includes:

Learners discover hazards related to volcanoes and predict the effects these hazards have on people and land. As blossoming geologists explore various volcanic eruptions, including the hazards associated with them, they create their own volcanic disaster. Lastly, they research historic eruptions that caused great damage to surrounding people and the environment.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add terms to your word wall like eruption, volcanic gases, landslides, volcanic bombs, hazard, ash, lava flow, and debris
  • Provide reference books that talk about historic volcanic eruptions (e.g. Mt. Vesuvius, Crater Lake, and Paricutin)
Classroom Considerations

  • The final lesson in a series of four that makes up a unit on the plate tectonic cycle
  • Have pupils refer to page 9 in the attached workbook
  • Class members use their model of Mt. Lassen created during the Volcanoes portion of the unit for the lab experiment

  • A workbook for the entire unit is included below
  • Links for observing volcanoes are provided within the resource

  • Volcano presentation is not included, however, one can be made quickly to suit the needs of your learners
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