Lesson Plan

Health and Wellness Throughout the Lifespan

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Every stage of life has its requirements for staying healthy. Young developmental psychologists investigate the psychological effects of stress and aging and health and wellness strategies that may improve one's quality of life. Groups research lifespan stages and produce a brochure for a Health and Wellness Throughout the Lifespan project about their assigned stage.

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Instructional Ideas
  • To keep groups on track and to determine what groups may need additional support, at the end of each class session, have groups give a project report
  • Post the infographics and the vocabulary words on a Word Wall
Classroom Considerations
  • Set aside an extensive chunk of prep time to preview the entire plan, copy the required handouts, prepare the videos and PowerPoint, and collect the list of materials not usually found in the classroom
  • The complex plan is richly detailed and carefully scaffolded
  • Includes a list of other related lessons in the series
  • Provides a rubric for the Lifespan Project
  • Offers a list of possible service-learning projects
  • None