Health Triangle Self Assessment

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Measure health as a triangle, with each side representing different aspects of health: physical, emotional/mental, and social. High schoolers complete a self-assessment of their health in all three areas before scoring their progress and deciding where they could improve their happiness.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include in a health class or when working on personal character development
  • Have individuals set specific goals for themselves based on sections in which they don't score as many points
  • Assign over a long weekend and encourage class members to write a reflection of the process, rather than submit their score
Classroom Considerations
  • Ideal weight is part of the physical self-assessment; consider class members' feelings during a more sensitive part of the discussion
  • Explain what each part is asking for, as some learners may be confused at certain phrases (e.g. taking preventative measures for personal safety)
  • Scoring section may feel unnecessarily harsh for some group members, as a low ranking in the emotional health questions may already reflect a low self-esteem
  • Addresses topics for a more mature classroom, including sexuality and sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Emphasizes the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Each item represents a life goal and ongoing source of improvement
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