Healthy Relationships

This Healthy Relationships unit also includes:

Teach tweens and teens how to prevent dating and domestic violence with a unit on healthy relationships. The unit begins with class members taking a relationships survey. As the unit progresses, class members engage in activities that have them practice setting boundaries and effective communication skills. They also examine gender roles, and the influence media has on their perception of these roles. Other topics explored in the unit include identifying the cycle of abuse and being a courageous bystander to end abuse. It's a powerful and carefully crafted resource.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Post a list of support services available on campus and in the community
  • Concepts may trigger discomfort for some class members; connect these individuals with a trusted school counselor
  • Laminate the scenarios to permit reuse
  • Invite a member of the counseling staff to observe and participate in the lessons as needed
Classroom Considerations
  • The 120-page booklet contains materials for grades six through eight and nine through twelve
  • Although designed to meet Delaware content standards, the materials are appropriate for any health education classes
  • Requires copies, set aside extra prep time to prepare the needed materials for each lesson
  • Lessons include detailed step-by-step directions, teacher notes, materials lists, activities, and worksheets
  • Provides rubrics for the unit projects
  • The links to the PowerPoints do not work