Lesson Plan

Hey Teachers! Get to Know Me!

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This Hey Teachers! Get to Know Me! lesson plan also includes:

Foster community in your classroom and encourage learners to get up and get to know each other. Individuals each receive the classmate inventory handout included and use it to fill in information about their fellow scholars. Once they have garnered information, they introduce each other, then write a bio poem about themselves using the template shown. This is a great way to start the year!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider designing your own bio poem, laden with descriptive details and rich language, to offer as a model for your youngsters
Classroom Considerations
  • While originally designed for grades nine through twelve, this lesson could easily be implemented into a middle school classroom
  • Incorporates a hands-on, interactive activity with an opportunity for independent writing
  • Useful tool for assessing social interaction and communication skills, as well as the writing levels of your learners
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