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This Hibernation-Migration-Fascination activity also includes:

What's the difference between hibernation and a good nap? Find out with an engaging life science activity that compares the hibernation habits of grizzly bears and marmots. After learners read an informational passage about each mammal, they complete a graphic organizer to compile and compare the relevant facts. They then work together to create a game reflecting what they have learned.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Put classmates into groups to work together after reading the passage
  • Encourage individuals to conduct further research about animals that hibernate
  • Connect to a Jack London unit
  • Flip the classroom; have pupils complete the graphic organizer for homework, and collaborate on the game and questions in class the next day
Classroom Considerations
  • Does not include a separate attachment for the graphic organizer, therefore, project it onto the board or create your own handout
  • Encourages critical thinking and creativity
  • Provides reading passage
  • Includes variations and extensions
  • None