History vs. Andrew Jackson

This History vs. Andrew Jackson video also includes:

What would happen if the values and decisions of the past were put on trial today? Watch as the answer unfolds in a clever cartoon drama centering on the presidency of Andrew Jackson. A great way of opening the door to multiple points of view, the video presents opposing perspectives on a variety of decisions and actions undertaken by the seventh United States president.

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  • Illustrations help support the concepts being discussed
  • Three questions in the Think section help learners relate the learning to the present day
  • Dig Deeper section includes rich resources on the history of Andrew Jackson, his impact on the role of president, and an article on revisionist history  all fantastic fodder for discussion and thought

  • The opposing sides state their point of view quickly, and with little discussion around the evidence to support that point of view; flesh out the lesson with primary sources that help give the class evidence to back up the claims being made in the video
  • One of the questions in the Think section asks whether you would have found Jackson guilty or innocent; as in comment above, the jury of students will need more evidence before reaching a verdict, some of which can be found in the Dig Deeper links