History vs. Cleopatra

This History vs. Cleopatra video also includes:

Who was Cleopatra? What does she have to do with history? Watch a video that has a trial-theme aspect that explores the rumors and facts about the powerful woman and her effect on history.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Incorporate into a study of ancient Egypt
  • Compare the information presented in the video with that of research done in class or another text
  • Flip the lesson and have viewers watch the video outside of class, saving time for the quiz, discussion, and further research at school
Classroom Considerations

  • Best suited for a world history class or lesson

  • Along with the video, the resource comes with a quiz to check for understanding, discussion questions, and links for further research

  • The trial theme might confuse some learners keeping them from understanding the information that is actually being presented