Lesson Plan

Hoo Eats Who and What is What in Your Own Backyard?

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This Hoo Eats Who and What is What in Your Own Backyard? lesson plan also includes:

Bird is the word! Teach life science scholars the importance of our feathered friends and the roles they play in our ecosystem. Using the plan, learners investigate the birds in their areas, determine the biotic and abiotic factors that can affect birds, and see what an owl has been eating.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Contact local wildlife experts and rehabilitators to see if they could bring an owl to school (administrator's permission suggested)
  • To assist with identification of birds in your area, take class members on a nature walk
Classroom Considerations
  • Schedule time in the school computer lab or library
  • Review the materials list ahead of time to ensure you have everything needed
  • All printables are included within the guide
  • Despite the "Eww, gross!" comments, middle schoolers will enjoy trying to reconstruct the skeletons found in the owl pellets
  • The lesson places a focus on identification of a variety of avian species, putting kids more in touch with the natural world around them
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