How Atoms Interact with Each Other

Connect the dots and assist young chemists as they demonstrate covalent and ionic bonding. Class members use their knowledge of valence electrons to predict compound formulas as they arrange electrons into various bonding structures to depict molecules. They create electron diagrams as a visual tool to aid with the learning process and discuss the rationale behind each new formation. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils create a three-dimensional model of covalent or ionic bonding between atoms
  • Discuss the importance of covalent and ionic bonding in relation to modern therapy for disease treatment
Classroom Considerations

  • Assist ESL/ELL learners with assessment questions and activity questions if needed
  • This is the eighth lesson in a nine-part series

  • Allows for modification to provide differentiated learning
  • Electron-dot diagrams provide the ability to visualize bonds and more fully understand the principles conveyed

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