How Braille Was Invented

This How Braille Was Invented video also includes:

As part of its Moment of Vision series, TEDEd provides a brief video that explains how the braille language system was first developed to send coded messages during wartime.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Flip the lesson by having class member view the video and research some of the links out of class before returning for a full class discussion
  • Have individuals investigate how braille is used in schools, elevators, stores, and transportation systems
  • Contact the local Society for the Blind about resources available for class members to examine
Classroom Considerations

  • The brief video merely introduces how braille was invented and leaves many question unanswered; use the video to launch a research into the writing system and the machines used to produce braille texts

  • The provided links provide more detailed information about the topic

  • The video is lacking in detail