How Can Work Be Done with Water Power? Activity C

This How Can Work Be Done with Water Power? Activity C lesson plan also includes:

Third in a set of lessons regarding reservoirs, dams, and hydropower, this involves a two-day hydropower plant simulation. Collaborative groups build, maintain, and finance the plant. The transparency of the reservoir setup can be displayed easily through your computer and a projector.

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  • Richly detailed lesson plan guides teacher to walk the class through the building process and discussion
  • Three games are to be played through the simulation, making it both educational and fun
  • Data sheets, also known as seasonal records, are provided for student use, along with paper play money and a journal page
  • Diagram of the reservoir helps make setup more clear
  • Can be used to address Next Generation Science Standard MS-ETS1-1

  • Each lab group needs four 2-liter bottles in addition to other lab materials; make sure to start collecting them in class well in advance