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How Did Clouds Get Their Names?

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Have you ever wondered how clouds float in the sky, or why they seem to change so much in just a few minutes. Watch a short video about the way clouds are identified and named, and how they are affected by the Earth's conditions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign to watch at home or in a computer lab, and discuss what viewers learned in class the next day
  • Have class members go outside in the morning (or beginning of the period) to observe what kinds of clouds they see, and then go back outside later to note any changes in cloud behavior
Classroom Considerations
  • Once viewers get to the assessment at the end of the video, it's difficult to return to the video for reference
  • Entertaining and engaging for learners of all reading levels
  • Comes with a post-reading assessment and list of additional reference links and lessons
  • None
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