How Do Adjectives Improve Writing?

This How Do Adjectives Improve Writing? lesson plan also includes:

Using adjectives to create vivid descriptions is the focus of exercises in this resource. A cloze reading activity asks class members to add missing adjectives to passages from Mark Teague's The Lost and Found. They then read Teague's story and compare their adjectives to those of the author. 

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Classroom Considerations

  • Preview the three minute Unpack Your Adjectives video, available on YouTube, to determine whether it is suitable for your classroom
  • The lesson requires the purchase of the books by Heller and Cleary

  • The passage for the cloze reading exercise is included
  • Although the provided link Unpack Your Adjectives is broken, the video is available for free from YouTube.

  • Some learners may need more scaffolding to understand the how adjectives improve writing, where adjectives usually appear in a sentence, and how various endings transform nouns and verbs in adjectives