How Do Pain Relievers Work?

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Practically everyone experiences physical pain from time to time (although, believe it or not, some people don't). Often, people take a pill and then et it work its magic; learn exactly what that magic is through an engaging and well-animated video. Did you know that, while aspirin and ibuprofen both treat pain, the way they do it is quite different? And why is it important for us to feel pain anyway? Explore the wonderful world of pain management, then take the assessment to see how much you learned. 

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  • Explains difficult concepts in a fun, engaging way
  • Quiz helps learners gauge how much they understood from the video
  • Many additional resources provided for a deeper investigation into the main ideas

  • Complex content may be a bit difficult to grasp for some middle schoolers, although the overall concepts should be comprehensible
  • Less mature audiences may have a tough time getting past the receptor names