How Does a Generator Work?

This How Does a Generator Work? lesson plan also includes:

I get a charge out of this. In order to learn how a generator works, groups build and test one in this ninth lesson of the series. The generators are tested at low speed and high speed to determine the watt output and whether they have enough power to light a light bulb. Researchers can then graph the data collected from each generator.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Depending on the number of groups, restrict the number of variables being tested, such as the number of coils
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires either generator kits or generator materials
  • It is best to have a drill to maintain spinning speed in order to get better comparisons between generators

  • The extension activity connects with the previous lesson on windmills
  • Groups vary different variables and share results with the class in order to save time

  • It may be difficult for some to wrap the coils neatly, which is important for accuracy