Lesson Plan

How Does a Hurricane Form?

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Young meteorologists examine the formation of a hurricane in a resource focused on severe weather conditions. Once they learn that a hurricane is also a tropical cyclone, and detail the different levels associated with tropical storms, learners view a one-minute video of Hurricane Katrina moving through the Gulf Coast.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a worksheet with comprehension questions to go along with the resource
  • Have learners research tropical disturbances, depressions, storms, and cyclones in order to create posters to present and hang around the classroom
  • Give individuals time to play the spelling game after they have completed any given assignment
Classroom Considerations
  • Reserve time in the computer lab to have pupils play the spelling game
  • Assumes learners are familiar with the water cycle
  • Includes a video and a hurricane related spelling game
  • Graphics enhance the understanding of the text
  • Does not include any reproducibles or suggested ways to use the information