How Does the Thyroid Manage Your Metabolism?

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Hidden in our neck is an important, but often overlooked, little organ called the thyroid. Enjoy this short video as it explains the vital role this powerful organ plays in controlling the function of all the cells in our body, as well as the different diseases that affect it.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Watch this video during a health or biology unit on human body systems
  • Create a vocabulary worksheet and/or note-taking guide for class members to complete as they watch the video
  • Assign this video and assessment as homework in your flipped classroom, discussing the material during the following lesson

  • Key vocabulary terms are displayed on the screen at various points throughout the video
  • Colorful animations capture the viewers' engagement and reinforce the scientific concepts being addressed
  • Teachers are provided with the option of designing their own lesson around the content of the video
  • Accompanying the video is a short assessment offering five multiple choice and three free response questions

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