How the Body Works: Endocrine Glands

Mr. Glandman will not put your class to sleep as he explains the endocrine system. This simply animated cartoon showcases a leotard-donned super hero as he explains to a responsive audience how glands release hormones and instruct cells in the body to act. You may not personally find Mr. Glandman engaging, but preteens probably will! In addition to the video, you will find links to an article, an assessment quiz, a printable labeling activity, and a word find as additional resources. This would make a nice addition to health curriculum or a human body systems unit.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Multiple means of delivery ensure that all types of learners can grasp information
  • Humor in the dialogue may appeal to elementary learners
  • Website and printables are colorful and attractive
  • Online article can be read by a narrator to challenged readers
  • Through the article, access endocrine health resources
  • None
Common Core