How to Be More Empathetic

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The difference between empathy and sympathy is the focus of a brief video that models how to respond with empathy when someone shares a difficult situation.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pause the video frequently for younger viewers to check for understanding and to answer questions
  • Flip the lesson having learners view the video and respond to the comprehension questions before returning for a full class discussion
  • Use the brief video to introduce the topic of empathy; provide groups with a short list of situations and have them brainstorm possible empathetic responses
Classroom Considerations

  • Before showing the video, research the types of support systems available on campus and in your community
  • The rather high level of explanations may make the video more appropriate for health or psychology classes
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  • Includes the video, a comprehension check, and a discussion question

  • The very brief video would best serve as an introduction to the topic