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How to Make a Mummy

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Were the ancient Egyptians successful in evading decomposition during the mummification process? What happens to the human body after death? This fascinating video combines a study of biology and the mummification process of some ancient civilizations

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Consider several possible follow-up topics to research as a class, such as the properties of alkaline salts and how their makeup processes human skin in the way illustrated by the film, or examples of modern autopsies performed on mummies and their findings
  • Discuss the importance of scientific discoveries and knowledge to other fields of study, and how in this case, the findings enhanced our historical perspective as a whole
Classroom Considerations
  • Several elements of the film may make viewers a bit queasy; though presented as a an animated video, it does not shy away from illustrating how organs and similar human matter were dealt with in the mummification process 
  • Engaging subject matter
  • Excellent animations to illustrate content
  • Opportunity to discuss cross-curricular collaboration
  • None
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