How to Take a Great Picture

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Have you ever wondered how a camera uses light to capture an image? Carolina Molinari, photographer and educator, demonstrates the working parts of a camera through an animation which shows how the aperture, ISO sensitivity and shutter speed adjust to different settings to allow light in and out. Your budding photographers will enjoy putting their new-found skills into action through the SLR Camera Simulator included as a link in the Dig Deeper section. Invite your class to test and expand their knowledge of photography by taking the Think assessment. In the Open Discussion questions, they can read what other learners have responded with and add to the conversation. Flip the lesson to customize it to your class's needs.  

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  • The Open Discussion question invites learners to use all the materials provided in the TEDed lesson to think critically about the benefits of using a manual camera and the future of photography
  • The three open-answer questions in the Think section require critical thinking
  • The option to flip the lesson and customize it is ideal for any educator

  • The Dig Deeper section can be distracting to some learners so be sure to preview each link before presenting the lesson to your class
  • The seven multiple choice questions in the Think assessment are not very in-depth, they involve recalling of facts from the TED Talk