HTTP and Abstraction on the Internet

Introduce your class to the layers of abstraction of the Internet with a lesson on the HTTP protocol. Pupils review previous lessons on levels of the Internet, then investigate new high levels by examining the HTTP traffic on their own computers. The activity wrap-up ties all the Internet levels together.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Find out if any person in class has coded in HTML and let them share a bit of information
  • Create the layers of the Internet using the different protocols learned so far in the series
Classroom Considerations

  • You may need to be sure you understand how all the layers of the Internet work together to prepare for your learners' questions
  • The lesson is the 18th of a series of 19

  • The resource has a link to a forum in order to collaborate with other instructors teaching the lesson
  • Provides directions on how to view the HTTP traffic in the most popular browsers

  • None