I Can Write 2

Learning how to use prepositions has never been so much fun! With this interactive grammar resource children create illustrated scenes and write sentences that describe where different objects are located in the pictures.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Upon opening this user-friendly app, children are presented with the four scenarios list below. After making a choice, a scene is displayed on the screen with four objects shown along the left-hand side. Across the bottom, a sentence frame is provided with drop-down menus that show the words that can be used to fill in each blank.

To begin the activity, children simply drag the objects into the picture and then form sentences describing the scene they created. When finished, they click the OK button and the sentence, if correct, is read aloud. If a mistake is made, the incorrect word or words are removed from the sentence frame and children can try again. With the freedom to place the objects in a number of different locations, this exercise can be performed again and again as children develop the ability to use prepositions.

Where is the stationery?

  • Place pencils, pens, erasers, and rulers around a classroom
  • Prepositions: on, under, in, and between
  • Sentence frame: The  (noun)     (is/are)     (preposition)   the   (noun)  .

Where are the animals?

  • Place a tiger, two monkeys, a giraffe, and a family of lions in a zoo
  • Prepositions: in, next to, and under
  • Sentence frame: The  (noun)     (is/are)     (preposition)   the   (noun)  .

Where are the children?

  • Place Tom, Peter, Karen, and June in desks around the classroom
  • Prepositions: behind, beside, between, in front of
  • Sentence frame:   (name)     (is/are)     (preposition)     (name)  .

Where are the toys?

  • Place a stuffed dinosaur, pair of robots, a toy boat, and collection of dolls around the toy shop
  • Prepositions: between, in, on, under
  • Sentence frame: The   (noun)     (is/are)     (preposition)   the   (noun)  .
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    App does not have any adjustable settings, allow for multiple user accounts, or support the tracking or sharing of student work.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Offer this resource as a language arts learning center in the primary grades
  • Project this resource onto a screen or whiteboard and use it as guided practice during whole group lessons on prepositions
  • Create a worksheet that allows children to record the different sentences they create
Classroom Considerations
  • While this resource can be used with native English speakers, it's also great for developing the skills of English language learners
  • Includes real-world scenarios that children are familiar with
  • Resource supports the needs of auditory, visual, and hands-on learners
  • App is simple and easy for young children to use
  • There is no way to track or monitor the work that students complete