Lesson Plan

I Have “M.I.” Strengths!

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There are so many ways to be smart! Can your class identify their intelligences? The third of five career and college lesson plans designed for sixth graders challenges them to assess their unique skills. Once they determine their intelligences, they use the information to locate careers made just for them.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Hand out the vocabulary for the lesson and have individuals prepare examples of each form of intelligence for class the next day
  • After the lesson, create groups of scholars with similar intelligences and ask them to create presentations that illustrate their skills
Classroom Considerations
  • Each learner needs a copy of all handouts and scissors for cut-out work
  • Pupils love to learn about the different forms of intelligence and which ones they possess!
  • Great printables allow students to see the big picture of the lesson
  • The activities also work well as a standalone lesson
  • None