If This, Then That: Color

The dress color debate of 2015 taught the importance of understanding how we see light. Scholars view a shirt under two different colored lights and then must predict what color the shirt will appear under a third light. They apply color addition and subtraction and an understanding of absorption and reflection. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Work the apprentice level in class as a demonstration
Classroom Considerations

  • Relies on prior knowledge of color/light absorption, specifically red/blue/green and magenta/yellow/cyan
  • Interactive works on any device with Internet, including cell phones, tablets, and computers

  • Includes a Help Me! section explaining how to solve each problem and what to consider in future questions
  • Provides immediate feedback and extra practice only on the questions that give pupils trouble
  • Integrates science and art topics

  • None