Imagination Box - Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letters

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This app provides young learners with opportunities to be creative while they work with different colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. 

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App Overview

Imagination Box is an app that allows young learners to create an endless variety of pictures using built-in shapes and drawing tools. The shapes have a three-dimensional quality to them and look like they are shaped out of clay or dough. 


  • Choose or change backgrounds
  • Drag items to create pictures
  • Reduce, enlarge, rotate, flip, delete, undo buttons
  • Change color
    • Grey, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown, black 
  • Draw with markers of different widths and colors (erase also available)
  • Add shapes, numbers, letters 
    • Circle, oval, half circle, squares rectangle, triangles trapezoid  Diamonds, heart, flower, star, moon, and squiggles
    • Digits
    • Capital letters


  • Apps banner (on/off)
  • Music (on/off)
  • Sound effects (on/off)
  • Take a snapshot  (on/off)
  • Erase all creations
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Instructional Ideas
  • Practice color, shape, digit, and letter recognition
  • Start to gain an understanding of how objects are affected by rotation, flipping, enlargement, and reduction  
  • Practice digit and capital letter writing using the built-in symbols as a guide
  • Have students create an accompanying story with their number or letter picture 
Classroom Considerations
  • The app doesn't offer the ability for multiple users to have separate accounts, but you could set up each student with a different sheet on the homepage.  Sixteen different sheets are possible at one time. Consider writing each student's name in the corner of the sheet beforehand. 
  • Help develop fine motor skills
  • Can be used by learners with a wide range of abilities
  • Can be used to emphise shape, color, number, and letter recognition
  • Has the ability to save pictures to the camera roll
  • The app doesn't directly teach the names of the shapes, colors, digits, or letters, but it does provide a nice forum for an adult to work with a child and assist with their learning