Incredibly Useful Ratios

Start the exploration of trigonometry off right! Pupils build on their understanding of similarity in this lesson plan that introduces the three trigonometric ratios. They first learn to identify opposite and adjacent sides before exploring the connection between the ratios of similar triangles. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Instead of completing the chart for the exploratory challenge, ask learners to create a triangle with given angle measurements; when they measure the sides and use them to find the ratio of the sides, each person should have the same ratio even though triangles are different sizes
  • Require pupils to record important information in a graphic organizer
Classroom Considerations

  • Individuals should already have a strong understanding of proportionality in similar triangles
  • The 25th lesson in a series of 36

  • Uses ratios of known triangles to determine side lengths of similar triangles
  • Resource uses a modified trig table to enforce the concept of equal ratios in similar triangles
  • Includes an opener and exit ticket

  • None