Interactive Student Notebook for Middle School ELA

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Encourage creative, independent, and reflective thinking and writing throughout the school year by having your class members keep Interactive Student Notebooks (ISN). Here you'll find a presentation designed to introduce students to the purpose and structure of this type of notebook, including guidelines on how to organize notes and samples of ISN assignments.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use presentation as a model for your own, and include only the features that you feel best suit your class and curriculum
  • Keep a master Interactive Student Notebook that class members can refer to throughout the year for assignments they may have missed
Classroom Considerations

  • In order to save the presentation, you must have a SlidShare account
  • This type of notebook and the typical assignments included are specific to a particular publisher; find other related assignments using a simple online search for "Interactive Student Notebook"

  • Uses graphics and illustrations to explain major features of the notebook, such as the difference between what is included on the left and right sides of a page
  • Includes examples of different types of ISN activities, such as designing advertisements, illustrated outlines, and sensory figures

  • Presentation cannot be edited