"Be Internet Awesome" is the motto in a super cool digital citizenship interactive created by Google. Interland is made up of four lands that explore the importance of digital safety and helps young Internet users to be alert, strong, smart, and kind.

  • Visit Reality River to become aware of and avoid phishing scams, fake websites, and other suspicious Internet users that pose threats to personal information 
  • Stop by Kind Kingdom to learn how to use the Internet in a respectful way, report or block demeaning or wrong behavior, and prevent cyberbullying by speaking out against it
  • Go to Mindful Mountain to explore the smarts of sharing certain information on the Internet and with whom it is appropriate to share
  • Enter the Tower of Treasure to discover safe ways to store and create strong passwords to avoid hackers from collecting them

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the accompanying lessons to teach the class the fundamentals before exploring Interland 
  • Choose which land to visit after selecting Lets Do This! by clicking on the left and right arrows
  • Share to your Google Classroom so class members can have access to the website out of school
Classroom Considerations
  • Provide headphones for users to listen to the audio
  • Best suited for upper elementary to middle school aged digital citizens, while the accompanying lessons are best suited for third through fifth graders 
  • Website may take a while to load; consider having the link already set up and loaded on each computer in the class
  • Great for a technology teacher to use at the beginning of the school year as an introduction to digital citizenship and the specific concepts represented in Interland
  • Can be played on tablets as well as desktops
  • The entire program provides curriculum, a pledge, certificates of completion, a paper folding activity, and teacher/parent background information to use with their kids