International Aid and Fragile States

This International Aid and Fragile States lesson plan also includes:

"States suffering from internal conflict, weak infrastructures, lack of economic development, and general instability are emerging as a large threat to the international security." What factors contribute to the creation of a fragile state? Do international actors have a duty to intervene or give aid to others? Pose these complex and important questions to your class as you watch a series of videos on fragile states in the international community and discuss guiding questions provided in the lesson plan.

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CCSS: Adaptable


  • Videos may be taught separately or together under theme of international aid
  • Engaging guiding questions and discussion points
  • Informative, surprising statistics provided in videos and general lesson plan
  • Includes variety of extension activities, from a RAFT assignment to a class debate and dialog

  • Instructor may need to research and provide further background information (i.e. geographic location, political situation, etc.) for proper context of each video
  • Primarily based on discussion, the lesson may benefit from adding writing activities and/or other direct instruction