Interpret the Rate of Change/Slope and Intercepts within the Context of Everyday Life

Rates of change can be a slippery slope. The resource makes the connection between the rate of change and the slope of a line. It continues on to provide examples of how to interpret the slope and the y-intercepts of linear equations that represent everyday contexts. The examples are converted into equations to highlight the slope and the intercept.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members come up with ideas that have a constant rate of change and provide an interpretation of its intercepts
Classroom Considerations

  • The aligned standard is not the best standard for this concept; a better match would be 8.F.B.4
  • The class should be familiar with calculating slopes of linear realtionships

  • Examples use different representations of the functions; verbal, tabular, and graphical
  • Reviews the slope-intercept form of linear equations

  • The last example is completely different than the previous examples
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